Rendez-vous means surrender

From this place of now, unheard, unseen, all my selves in all my times hear my call to converge to a secret rendezvous, to sit and reunite and share and offer all of their untold victories, tortured howls, secret prayers, sacred tears.

We all have come here to surrender.

A thousand voices in me now hold the legendary council, speaking as one, dreaming as one.

In the act of remembrance, who can describe the paramount of oblivion, fragmentation, decay?

To come so far as to accept to leave the somber territories of blindness. The wandering shame.

To regain sight. To see the healer the moment you are seen.

To set foot, in unison, on the virginal outposts of inner reconciliation, to descend the welcoming hills of self-forgiveness. To rejoin the majestic meadows of a new hope.

And to rest in some unknowing, loving vision of self that knows no end.