Mother Mom

Mother … Mom,

on this day that celebrates my coming into the world, I want to celebrate you

to your love of me, told or untold, the sacredness of your tears, the immensity of your laughters, the grandeur of your walk, the sweetness of your touch,

to how I miss you and whisper to you the song of the world

to how I know you and see you and feel you in my mind and, mostly, in my heart
to the irrevocable bond made of you and me, in the fabric of space and time, of nights and days, of sky and ocean

to you, offering me the ineffable, crowning me in the realms of being
of conscience, intellect and vision
of magic and myth
of language and music

to you establishing me as a rock, planting me at the edge of your dreamed Pacific Ocean, at the feet of my dreamed Lover

to all your past struggles to feel seen and lovable in the world, your struggle is my struggle; and it is an honor to carry you still, as you carry me still

to all your victories, of which I am
from your cradle to my grave,
from your Mediterranean glance upon me to my Mediterranean last breath

to my enduring love for you