In my ancient ruins,

You are the flowers and the cicadas song

You are my forgetful walk along vestiges and stone paved ways

You are the scent of thyme between the grassy stone walls

You are the sustained whisper in the dancing wind

You are the horizon beyond, poising me on a blue solemn sea

You are the remnant of civilizations

You are the quiet warm temple baked in the sun

You are a silent fountain of youth I can hear

You are the puff of dust under my feet, the burnt crackling kindle, the powdery soil, the tumbling gravel

You are the sacred mosaic, the polished white marble of myths

You are the amphitheater resonating still with eternity

You are the cradle of my humanity

My vision rolls with you down a slope, to an inlet of time forgotten

Under transparent waters, we are engulfed gems

Luminescent pebbles lulled in the embrace of immemorial waves

We are a naked secret, laid bare under the open skies

We nestle in the backdrop of all that ever was, of all that is yet to come, and all that will ever be