Today the system world told us to hunker down while mother Earth is moving on unphased the mailman is delivering nonsense supermarkets are full with dangerous abundance hungry for connection deceptive idols neutralized deeds work fame fortune vanities all come to naught in the new urgent stream of mindfulness nature stands proud everyone powerful powerless stripped and naked seen unseen does not matter wind sways the branches the tree stays put humanity dreams along while bodies are restrained the planet can throb and pulse free leaving industrial revolutions in the dust but wait the digital age machinery has just taken over all sorts of physical connections between humans yet yet new order is not to shelter in place new order is to shove and push and make heard that inner voice which knows no barriers in the void of space dead or alive earthlings continue the journey afloat and adrift they remake inner suns to revolve and rejoice around yes dead or alive they are inextinguishable the immemorial primordial Fire vaccines will all be made from