It’s what it is, as it is.

We have designed this space as a long-term experiment in a kind of societal reset. It is a gathering place for old and new friends into a communal space for creation and discussion. Contributing can be random and very occasional, or frequent, we just ask that it comes from you, an expression of yourself. It needs not be perfect, not even be finished and everyone has the keys to this house. All are invited to leave the ultimate graffiti on its walls:

“I was here… with you”.

It is not social media. It might well be a political act to move away from the not-so-social media kind of living and sharing, a will to enter another mode of being and connecting, while confronted to what is currently going on in our lives, our families, our neighborhoods – and like it or not, our beautiful, precious world.

Because ridicule never killed anyone, it can be playful. It can be risky. Or it can be safe. We are not here to replicate these kinds of spaces with likes and comments, because this stuff can influence our motivation for posting and how we feel about our posts and our worth. This is a democratic space to share precious strolls (not trolls) or findings or remembrance. Just a space to express ourselves. We give ourselves the freedom to share a moment about what it is we see, or feel or want, something of our own creation, music, art, writing, thoughts, something ephemeral, like a moment in time.

This space can be a dadaist or a surrealist or a situationist space. Maybe it actually should be all these things and more. Or nothing at all. After all, nothing is still something. It’s certainly a stream of consciousness. It’s certainly an unidentified flying Chagallian object that reads as a suite of multiple simultaneous open diaries.

René Magritte – 1936 – La Clairvoyance

There is no intended audience, and all are welcome: fellow John & Jane Does, artists, philanthropists, philosophers, writers, poets, designers, researchers, humanists, spirits and spirituals, educators and all that goes in between and about. There is no specific aim but to foster the “act of being”, and to adorn ourselves with acts of self-expression, humble or flamboyant. It’s like a day in the life, yet closely knit into others’ lives and paradigms.

During the Voyager space mission (check out The Farthest documentary if not already), a golden disc meant to represent humanity was sent out to the cosmos. Although it did not satisfy all, because of cultural bias and puritan or financial agendas, its mission, nonetheless, was to share earthly humanity with the cosmos. This medium that we create together can be understood as a golden disc too. Yes, our material could be what we’d want potential alien civilizations to find out and comprehend about us as human beings… It won’t satisfy everyone of course. But it’s a medium that we can forge with no monetary or political agenda, and send to ourselves, and to the confines of our personal and interpersonal cosmos. An object destined to represent a sample of our essence and humanity, and of what makes us so unique as a civilization or as a culture or, of course, as individuals.

The Golden Record album cover shown with its extraterrestrial instructions. Credit: NASA/JPL. The record also had the inscription “To the makers of music — all worlds, all times” hand-etched on its surface (cf. Wikipedia).

This is maybe about leaving a trace of our magical abilities in the uncharted land of our new, improvised, uncertain lifestyles (pandemic and after).
About creating portals to our truest selves, or to other dimensions inside us and maybe others.
About throwing bottles out to sea or setting bonfires ablaze on our desert shores.
About reaching out, about catching our breaths, about staying afloat and accepting we have been and still are adrift as a human civilization.
About confronting the eventuality of our personal extinction and thus, of our societies as we knew them.
About exploring and letting go, about connecting and protecting our inner beacon.
About keeping our cores beaming and pulsing out into the universe.

“To the makers of music – all worlds, all times”.

Welcome, and bon vent!  🎶✨🌈

“Rêverie, L. 68: Rêverie” by Claude Debussy – Debussy Piano Edition, Jean-Yves Thibaudet.